About Pašman – Ždrelac

Pašman is the island in Zadar archipelago, of Zadar and Biograd separated by pitoresque Pašman Channel across which, like pearl rope a dozen of small island spread. The sea current that change direction each 6 hours make this sea the cleanest sea at Adriatic. On its 63 km2, 65 km of well indeed coast, the island Pašman belongs to Zadar’s group of islands. With the island Ugljan it is connected with the bridge above the passing Ždrelac, and by ferry lines with BIograd and Zadar. The island shows the continuity of living from the prehistoric times. The rests of settlements, archeological findings from the Rome period, villas rusticas, mosaics, stone monument of St Michael from 12th century in Neviđane and some more historical monuments.

zdrelac-otok-pasmanŽdrelac is a settlement on Pašman, one of the islands of Zadar arcipelago, and with Biograd it is connected by ferryline. It developed around St.Lucas churche and it spreaded above some bays and hills including the new settlement near the bridge. It is named according to narrow passing at which end it is situated, Ždrilo, by which the island pašman is separated from the island Ugljan. Ždrelac is situated at the crossing of maritimal paths for the trips on the nearby islands and the archipelago of Kornati. IT is attractive place for nautics and sea sport fans. The attractive passing Ždrelac and well-indented coast with beautiful sand beaches make this place extremely attractive for holiday. Beautiful beaches and the clean sea attract tourists and weekend guests and Ždrelac is beloved excursion site for citizens of Zadar.